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DIY: Kids‘ Party Invitation (Post sponsored by Volkswagen)

Planning and organising parties can be super fun. For children’s birthday parties, in particular, you can really give full rein to your creativity and think up amazing themes. How about a car party, for example? With a home-made racetrack for model cars, a birthday cake in the shape of a

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DIY: USB stick with model car (Post sponsored by Volkswagen)

Whether at university, at school or for lectures at events, sometimes you need a USB stick quickly. However, most sticks aren’t particularly attractive, which is why we’ve decided to individualise and pep up our USB stick together with Volkswagen. This makes work much more fun and you won’t confuse your

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DIY: Stamp-it-yourself Christmas Cards

(Post sponsored by Volkswagen) We love handmade – that’s why we don’t just wrap presents nicely. We also write a lovely note to go with them. You can now buy wonderful cards and envelopes, but we’d still prefer to make them ourselves, in our own distinctive way. So we got

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DIY: Car Photo Booth (Post sponsored by Volkswagen)

People often ask us what you need for a really good party. Well it depends what type of party, but we think good food, delicious drinks, cool decorations and a photo booth are the real essentials. Photo booths are a great ice-breaker, and can be such a good laugh ;-)

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