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DIY: Stamp-it-yourself Christmas Cards

(Post sponsored by Volkswagen) We love handmade – that’s why we don’t just wrap presents nicely. We also write a lovely note to go with them. You can now buy wonderful cards and envelopes, but we’d still prefer to make them ourselves, in our own distinctive way. So we got

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DIY: Car Photo Booth (Post sponsored by Volkswagen)

People often ask us what you need for a really good party. Well it depends what type of party, but we think good food, delicious drinks, cool decorations and a photo booth are the real essentials. Photo booths are a great ice-breaker, and can be such a good laugh ;-)

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DIY: Road Trip Travel Checklist & Hacks

(Post sponsored by Volkswagen) It’s summer so it must be holiday time! We admit, we’re more than ready for a break; we look forward to kicking back and relaxing for a few days very soon. Although most people go to the coast or plan a city break, this year we’ve

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DIY for Kids: Spieltafel für lange Autofahrten/Games Board (Sponsored by Volkswagen)

Car journeys can be fun – if you’re behind the wheel. But if you’re just going along for the ride, they can get a bit boring. Children in particular often don’t know how to pass the time on long car journeys. So we thought up something that might help: a

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